ElecMech Inc markets, designs and manufactures custom DC sub-fractional horsepower dc motors, gearmotors and blowers in Leland, NC USA (just outside of Wilmington, NC on the east coast).  ElecMech Inc also engineers motors from other global suppliers to solve custom needs of our customers in a wide variety of applications.  Since we are experienced motor designers as well as a manufacturer,  ElecMech Inc can assist customers with the best solution available at the lowest cost.  In some cases, we will supply motors until an application is defined well enough to quote and move to off-shore sources. 

Most pmdc (permanent magnet direct current) motors range in voltages from 6-48Vdc and can also be run off of AC voltage using a stepdown transformer and rectifier.  Motors in lower or higher voltages are also available for specialty applications such as micro-vibrator motors for cell phones or higher 110Vdc motors for specialized pumps and power tools.

The range of physical sizes include 3mm- 75mm in diameter.  The 35mm motors are produced in the USA and we also source from producers around the world for the most cost effective solutions for our customers.  ElecMech Inc can also help engineer and source brackets, shaft adapters, specialized wire harnesses and various rfi/emi noise suppression components.

BLDC motors are designed and manufactured with a supplier located in the Far East with ISO 9000 qualification and can be adapted for many applications including gearmotors- pumps- blowers.                                          

DC blowers are produced in our plant in Leland, NC and can be supplied with a wide variety of performance as well as speed controls for varying speed and current draw.  High performance blowers can be supplied in a range of sizes including 4 inch- 3.62 inch and 3 inch with options including inlet bells, screens and reducers.

Power Packs which are designed to provide a stable 6Vdc output with 110VAC input are used by hunters in decoy blinds where AC voltage is available to eliminate constant recharging of batteries.

Our current pump line includes flexvane and centrifugal pumps that were originally designed for use in windshield washer pump applications for General Motors and we also supply pumps for Ford's Jaguar division.

Other specialized products include Point of Sale Rotators for selling products to trade shows,  speed control
circuits that can be packaged for motor/gearmotors and fans and timer that can automatically turn devices on or off a set intervals.

Contact e-mail:  fslightom@aol.com

    DC Motor Terminology
DC- direct current  PMDC- permanent magnet direct current  AC- alternating current  Gearmotor- motor with gearhead for reducing speed and increasing torque  Blower-  dc motor with fan blade- with or without housing
Watts-  power rating for a motor  Torque- rating for twisting moment motor develops  Speed- normally in rpm
Voltage rating- battery or transformer source in volts.  Power Pack- AC power in- DC power out BLDC- brushless dc motor  Driver Board-circuit that makes BLDC motor run  Rotator- device that turns a table or rod for selling displays.  Leadwire- wires that connect motor to power source  Shaft length- normally meant usable
shaft available  RFI/EMI-  radio frequency interference and electromagnetic interference CFM- cubic ft/minute